LokDots For Carpet Tile

I just wanted to talk a little about LokDots. I have found LokDots are a great solution when it comes to the roll on full spread adhesive for the installation of Shaw carpet tiles. They are easier to use and much faster than a traditional adhesive. LokDots are applied via a durable, lightweight handheld applicator: its trigger-less design is ergonomically safe and intended for repetitive use. This intuitive system allows for flexible installation in regard to perimeter and interior cutting. Floor Preparation is just limited to clearing dust and debris. They are more easily stored than 4 gallon pails of adhesive and are more environmentally friendly to ship due the weight difference. One shelve is equal to more than two 4 gallon 35 pound pails of adhesive. When it comes down to installing carpet tiles LohDots seems to be my choice. For more info on Lokdots or carpet tiles visit our web site www.focusfloors.com

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