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Focus Floors Leads Carpet Tile Industry

Focus on Carpet Tile

Carpet tiles have usually been used in areas where both residential, industrial and commercial consumers need a durable, versatile floor covering. Multi-purpose uses of carpet tiles include basements, family rooms, children bedrooms, game rooms, gym floors, schools, hospitals, day cares, boats, office space, retail stores, and trade shows. They’ve even been used for television and movie stage settings, RVs, garages,  and in acoustic applications for recording studios. Now, one of the latest trends is to use carpet tiles as an area rug over traditional hard surface flooring.

Selection, Quality and Low Cost Appeal…

Carpet Tile Selection and Quality

When the first carpet tiles were introduced in the 1960’s, they were flat, flimsy, and didn’t wear or clean well. Color and pattern selections were limited. Market acceptance was limited.

Today, carpet tile leads the way in durability, cost, selection and ease of installation across industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

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