Design Area Rugs Using Carpet Tiles

Area Rug Carpet TilesCarpet tiles have traditionally been used in spaces where the end use dictates the need for a durable, versatile floor covering. Today, various uses of carpet tiles include basements, family rooms, children’s bedrooms, bathrooms, mud/laundry rooms, schools, hospitals, day cares, boats, home and commercial office spaces, retail stores, and trade shows. Consumers have used them for RV’s garages and on floors and ceilings providing acoustical advantages in recording studios.

Recently, carpet tiles have expanded into the area rug category. This latest emerging trend is popular with loft and apartment owners who use carpet tiles to create sophisticated, sectional space.

Design Flexibility
Consumers use their own imagination to create their various patterns and colors. Some patterns lend themselves to even more creativity by their ability to be quarter turned (the tiles have directional arrows on the back) creating greater depth through this planned shade variation.

Carpet tiles can be used over most smooth hard surfaces including particle board, hardwood, concrete, laminate or vinyl flooring and ceramic tile. They have a skid resistant durable and pliable back so no padding is required. All that is needed for a do-it-yourself project is a chalk line, straight edge, sharp utility knife and either double sided tape or pressure sensitive adhesive which can be applied to the backing with a small sponge brush.

Carpet tiles, originally introduced in the 1960’s were not as well constructed as they are today. They did not wear as well and weren’t as easy to clean. Color and pattern selections were mundane. They have dramatically changed the look and performance.
Focus Floors offers three basic size tiles: 18”x18” tiles, 24”x 24” tiles and 36”x36” tiles. However, some tiles are now being offered in rectangular panels 24”x36”. Their durable face fiber is literally fused into a tough but flexible backing, this eliminates any unraveling edges.

These densely constructed, low profile ¼” – 3/8” thick tiles weigh approximately 1 pound per square foot depending on the face weight and backing of each style. So they are heavy enough to hug the floor.

Carpet tiles are easy to clean or replace. Vacuum or simply remove the soiled tile and wash the mild detergent in a sink or tub. Tiles may also be rotated from higher traffic areas to lower traffic areas to maximize wear and improve appearance.

You can always contact Focus Floors for more information and carpet tile samples.

Carpet Tile Area Rugs Idea Gallery

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  1. Carpet tiles are great if you still have kids in the home, as mishaps on your carpets won’t spell disaster. It is relatively simple to replace one or two tiles. Just remember to buy some extra, so that the shading will match.

  2. olefin says:

    Carpet tiles lend themselves to real flexibility when laying them out and can be used really creatively. Interesting post

  3. Blake says:

    I found this to be a great idea and I set it up, it looks and works great. Thank you for the post it was very helpful.

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  5. Calgary Seo says:

    I have also read that carpet tiles are good alternative choice to traditional carpeting and they are also easy to maintain. I think carpet tiles are certainly worth a look at. They look really adorable and elegant. Thank you for sharing. This is absolutely useful. I can experiment with different looks without spending a lot.

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