Carpet Tiles Shapes and Sizes

Carpet tiles are a great way to add warmth and style to any home or business. Most people now about the 24″ x 24″ tiles. I can tell you they come in many other shapes, sizes and colors. I will go trough the different shapes and so to try to give you a more creative way to look at them.

There is the 36″ x 36″ tile. These tiles are normally  used in large areas, such as business’s with more than 3000 sqft of so. What is so good about these tiles is you can mix them up with the 18″ x 36″ or the 9″ x 36″ tiles to create a great design with some solid colors  giving it more of a border look.

I mentioned the   9″x 36″and the 18″x 36″ early so lets talk a little about them. Like all carpet tiles they can be installed in many ways and directions with the arrows on the back of them to give you a stating point. One good thing about these sizes they can be used together. These sizes makes a great border option for most projects and designs. Below is a link to show you how they are installed.  anceInstallation#18×36

One of my favorite carpet tile is the hexagon shape tile. This is truly a fun tile to use. They come in solid colors, linear patterns and other designs as well so you can really get those creative juices going. Theses carpet tiles are really great for a kid room or play rooms. They are just so much fun to work with. Below is a link to take a look at these tiles.

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