Are carpet tiles for you?

Here are a few points about carpet tiles to help you to determine if they are what you need for your project.Carpet squares  or tiles are easy to install and don’t require a professional. This makes them the ideal alternative to traditional carpet and a great way to save money. They are easy to transport because they’re lightweight and portable making it a lot easier to store some extras or the carpet tile until the project date. Carpet tiles can warm any cold room up with many more different colors,styles, and shapes than broadloom carpet. Physically, they are much warmer to walk on than hard surfaces, and they help to deaden sound at the same time. Many people use them just for sound proofing their rooms. I have sold many carpet tiles  to land lords with upstairs apts for this reason.  Most people do not know that they have the ability to repel moisture.Moisture and bacteria cannot penetrate the surface of carpet squares  and this  makes them ideal for high-traffic areas and rooms where there are commonly spillages (like kitchens and play rooms).Carpet tiles are easy to replace if a particular area gets damaged in some way. Just remove the particular carpet square that needs replaced, and insert a new one that you may have leftover. We always recommend to buy about 10% extra for just that reason. Go ahead and try some carpet tiles to see how well you like them. Focusfloors will send you out mostly full size samples for just a $1.29 each with free shipping. Good luck and good designing.

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