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FOCUSflooring & Furnishings, Inc. was formed in 1977 to manufacture and market commercial grade carpet. In the years since, we have continued to produce and sell top quality floor covering for delivery to thousands of satisfied customers. In the past two decades we have concentrated on carpet tiles and as a result the top interior designers, architects, and now homeowners are enjoying the benefits of our “Go Anywhere” Carpet Tile Squares.

Many of our promotional carpet tiles come from other manufacturers. We do not advertise them by their manufactured name because we do not want to interfere with the manufacturers normal channels of sales. But, our prices are far below the manufacturers suggested retail pricing. We usually are 80 to 85% below normal costs.

More than 30 years of innovative design in carpet and carpet tile

Preparing a carpet tile orderOur carpet tiles are all made from 100% first quality fiber and yarn. They are treated to retard soiling, and to eliminate static. All include a built-in moisture barrier. They are manufactured to withstand the punishing conditions of commercial use while still having an attractive appearance for the home.

We maintain a large inventory of carpet tiles at all times. We never have less than 200,000 square feet of carpet tile product in stock to choose from. Many Internet companies are not selling from their own inventory. They do not have their own warehouse full of values ready to ship to you as we do. Although we don’t have a showroom, our warehouse is our Internet site.  We would be glad to have you make an appointment to pick up your order to save on shipping. Appointments are made only for paid orders for pick up only. Remember, our goal is to pass our savings onto you our Internet shopper.

Focus Floors warehouseAs we conduct our business, primarily through the Internet, we strive to keep our customers in mind. It is our intent to save money by using the Internet to sell so we can pass the savings on to you.

We sell directly to you, our customers, so there is no middleman. We are offering you directly, tremendous savings on quality merchandise. No other online retailer can beat FOCUSfloors’ prices. We pride ourselves on meeting or beating all competitors pricing!

We have knowledgeable salespeople who are also working in our offices in Ringgold, GA. You will actually be talking to a sales associate who can walk out into the warehouse while speaking to you and put their hands on your product. We will get you immediate information about our products that you are interested in. When you need further information about delivery times and freight costs and we don’t have an immediate answer, our sales person will get the information you need and call you right back.

Our sales staff is pressure free and is based on educating and serving our customers. We have unbeatable prices, including “continuity lines” – perfect for very large orders and areas where ongoing availability is a necessity. And for unbeatable economy, a large inventory of 1st quality specials (aka closeouts or promotional), overruns, and trial runs, priced from $.49 to $2.99 per square foot with free shipping. These specials are the best value in a carpet tile you can find anywhere.

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