Focus Floors Green Initiative

Focus Floors has been working to develop new products that use only renewable (recycled) materials. Both commercial and residential products are developed to offer environmental sustainability while not compromising aesthetics or performance. There is a fine line in using recyclable raw materials. First, the cost: There is a cost to remove a product that’s selected for recycling. This is the removal from an existing floor. Then there is the freight cost to bring the product back into Chattanooga, TN where Focus Floors uses Certified Recycling to recycle their products. This is where the product begins its refining process of breaking down the old products content. This process varies depending on the original products make-up but all recycling has direct costs involved. the equipment that reformulates a used carpet tile into pellets that can be re-used  obviously requires energy to run.

Once, you have recycled content to go back into new products you are only able to reintroduce 20-30% recycled content with 70-80% new raw materials. This is the main reason for expanding the number of new products that can use a percentage of recycled content. Besides a wider range of products there has become a need to develop lighter weight products that still have the same wear or performance capability as a older version that was heavier because it used more raw materials. This process is working and thanks to improved product development less is proving it can be best. Processes that offer the consumer lighter but stronger features are a key to maximizing the use of recycled content.

Focus Floors is constantly looking at ways to reduce their impact on the land air and water.

Recycled carpet tiles are available at the Focus Floors online store >>

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Cushion Back Carpet Tiles for Commercial and Home Use

There are three primary backing systems on carpet tiles or squares such as cushion, vinyl, and thermoplastic. All three can be used in a residential or commercial setting. The cushion back can be a nice addition to any home or commercial office. These are well sought out after tiles  by many customers. Many of these tiles are thicker and have a little bit more give to them than the other backing systems, but will still allow for the smooth flow of an office chair to glade along without any problem. They hold up to heavy traffic and heavy furniture as well. Cushion back tiles can come in many different sizes such as 18,24″,36″, and  39″. Milliken manufactures a nice cushion back tile.

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Carpet Tile Installation Ideas from HGTV (video)

HGTV presents a basic video on installing carpet tile. This video highlights one of the main benefits of using carpet tile in a high traffic area, to perserve your hard service flooring such as hardwood. This video is part of “Don’t Sweat It” show hosted by Steve Watson

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy Carpet Tile

With any products there are pros and cons. This list is intended to provide you with some basic reasons why carpet tile is superior to other flooring options such as hardwood or roll carpet in certain applications.

  1. Carpet tile is a more comfort oriented flooring product, much like roll carpet. It provides a warmer feel and insulates better than hard surface such as hardwood.
  2. Carpet tile is acoustically superior to hardwood and roll carpet for home theater and studio installation because of its dense face construction and backing system.
  3. The condensed vinyl backing system of carpet tile is superior to all other carpet backing systems. It is moisture resistant and does not allow bacteria or spills to penetrate the tile. It is totally bonded to the back of the carpet so it cannot be detached by either foot or rolled traffic. This backing system prevents the edges or seams from raveling.
  4. Unlike rolled goods, carpet tiles are easily shipped, stored, and moved around.
  5. Strong do-it-yourself appeal. Carpet tiles can easily be installed by non-expert installers with minimal effort.
  6. Furniture does not have to be moved out for the installation of carpet tile. Workstations, files, pianos and pool tables, can be jacked up or slid as the tile is being installed.
  7. Tiles can be easily replaced  when they become damaged, soiled or worn. You can also rotate worn or soiled tiles to a less obvious spot within the room to extend the life of your carpet tiles. Soiled carpet tiles can be cleaned either by the owner or by a professional then placed back on the floor.
  8. Most carpet manufacturers recommend chair pads under furniture with casters such as chairs. Carpet tile performs best without them and can be replaced after excessive use.
  9. Carpet tiles allow for creativity with how the tiles are placed on the floor.  Tiles can be quarter-turned to create a pattern. You can make a border with a different color pattern. You can rearrange the tiles to give a new feel to the room.
  10. Carpet tiles are “green” and eco-friendly. Every part of the carpet tile  can be ground up and recycled.
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The Perfect Home Theater Carpet and Man Cave Flooring

With all the great innovation in home electronics and systems integration, the popularity of home theater, media rooms, and man caves has become main stream. Selecting the electronic components and the comfort components both have to serve multiple purposes. The electronics have to perform yet be visually appealing or hidden away. The comfort components such as carpet have to be visually appealing and functional for sound absorption. Carpet tile is a flooring product that meets these two basic requirements for home theater and man caves. Carpet tiles are available in many colors and patterns specifically for the home. These affordable, hard wearing carpet tiles are extremely resilient, easy to clean, and offers spectacular acoustical advantages.

Installing electronics for your home theater or man cave will probably require a professional installation team. Carpet tile, on the other hand, is an easy do-it-yourself project that will help you budget more for the thrilling aspects of the home theater while still providing maximum aesthetic and acoustical value.

For more information on using carpet tile as a floor covering for home theaters and man caves, please contact Focus Floors.

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Focus on Carpet Tile Official Launch

Focus Floors of Chattanooga, TN is pleased to announce the official launch of their new blog, Focus on Carpet Tiles. This new blog is intended to help carpet tile buyers understand the product, its installation, application and care. Focus Floors has been operating for over 30 years in various aspects of the flooring industry. The Focus on Carpet Tiles blog is an extension of that experience to consumers in a manner that will help them better understand modular carpet and related flooring products.

“We believe that carpet tile is a superior floor covering product for many applications such as home offices, basements, home theater, playrooms, and child bedrooms. Modern carpet tile certainly works as a fashion statement in the most formal settings. Really, most any floor where durability, ease of installation and the accent of aesthetic diversity is desired will benefit from carpet tile. We, at Focus Floors, have taken on the task of helping consumers understand these modular flooring products and their attributes. We’ll also explain, installation techniques, design and aesthetic principles and anything else we believe will benefit our customer. We believe that this can be a valuable resource.”

The Focus on Carpet Tiles blog is up and running now and ready to serve flooring consumers. The archive of beneficial information is growing and will continue to grow. Users are invited to submit their questions to the experts at Focus Floors. These questions will be answered in a timely manner and hopefully can benefit others as they come to the blog looking for answers to their questions.

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Sustainable Flooring: Carpet Tile

You might not think that you should be concerned if one floor covering or another is the best choice for the future of our environment and the planet you live on. But there is one choice for sustainable flooring that stands out head and shoulders above all others. And that is carpet tile. Here are the real reasons that carpet tile wins out when it comes to selecting a flooring product that is truly green and can be recycled.

The backing system of carpet tiles is what gives them their durability and almost indestructible performance. Their backing is moisture proof not allowing water and any negative, ie: germs, bacteria etc. to penetrate and lodge itself in the back where it is not only detrimental to the inhabitants using it but it would cause gradual degradation of the product.

Durability of the backing of carpet tile enables the product to be pulled up and used again in a different location. Many of the tiles do not even need to be cleaned because their original use had been under furnishings that kept them from being trafficked.

Those tiles that have obvious use can be processed through a professional cleaning/sanitizing machine like the “Clean Green Machine” at Certified Recycling in Chattanooga TN and then re used.

Carpet tiles that have been used to the extent that they are not reusable have another “after life”. They can be run through Certified Recycling Conlux equipment that grinds the entire tile up and reformulates it as a pellet that can be used again for future backing or enumerable extruded plastic parts or products for new usage.

A safe investment in your future and our planet is to use a sustainable flooring product like carpet tile that can be reused and recycled to conserve and protect our resources and decrease our impact on the environment.

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Carpet Tile Design Flexibility

For home owners that appreciate the ability to decorate their home based on using products in multiple ways such as installation application and design flexibility, carpet tiles are  a good choice. Carpet tile buyers use their own imagination to create various patterns and colors. Some patterns lend themselves to even more creativity by their ability to be quarter turned (most tiles have directional arrows on the back) creating greater depth through this planned shade variation.

Installation application flexibility comes with carpet tile’s unique ability to be used over most smooth hard surfaces including particle board, hardwood, concrete, laminate or vinyl flooring and ceramic tile. They have a skid resistant durable and pliable back so no padding is required. All that is needed for a do-it-yourself project is a chalk line, straight edge, sharp utility knife and either double-sided tape or pressure sensitive adhesive which can be applied to the backing with a small brush.

For more information see Focus Floors online store>>


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Versitile Carpet Tile

The versatility of carpet tiles is one advantage. Once of the newest trends is to use carpet tile  to create an area rugs  in various sizes, patterns, textures, and colors. Of course traditional uses are still very popular. Here are a few ideas for residential applications to get you started:

  • Area rugs under tables and furniture
  • Basement floors
  • Game rooms and playrooms for children
  • Man caves
  • Home offices

Here are few ideas for commercial uses where high durability and style are required.

  • Public spaces
  • Conference room
  • Hallways

Beyond just flooring options, there are many other. A favorite way to use carpet tiles is in studios and rooms where acoustics are important. Attaching carpet tiles to walls and ceilings is much easier than most any other type of flooring product.

Check out our online store to see some great carpet tile products >>

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Carpet Tile Installation

There are many benefits to buying carpet tile for your floor. One of the primary reasons is that carpet tile is easy to install and can be accomplished by most Do-It-Yourself (DIY) homeowners or business owners. There are just a few things to keep in mind. Following these guidelines will insure that your installation is successful.

Start by cleaning the floor where you will lay the carpet tile ensuring that it is free of any obstruction that would prevent the tiles from laying flat.

We offer “releasable” adhesives that you can apply to the floor or spot apply in four corners (each spot should be about the size of a .50 piece and placed on each corner of the back of your tile). After you have applied the adhesive, wait about 20 minutes and the spots will remain permanently tacky and will hold your carpet tile securely to the floor. While the carpet tile is secure on the floor, you will still be able to manually remove the tile if you so desire . If you were designing an area rug of tiles you could use this technique on just the outside perimeter of tiles to keep the tiles from sliding apart. The tiles inside the perimeter tiles would be held in place without the use of adhesive.

Another method of securing the carpet tile to the floor is double face tape. When using this method, usually every third or fourth row of tiles are held in place by the double face tape. This is referred to as a grid glue technique because you are just securing a grid or a few of the tiles, which keep the adjacent tiles, locked in place or in the grid. Double face tape can be somewhat troublesome to eventually remove from your sub floors as it can over time become quite aggressive on the side that is against your floor. If you choose to use this technique you may require a solution to dissolve the residual adhesive from the sub floor. Products like this are usually available from hardware stores and can be found in many supermarkets.

In an empty room, the best way to install your carpet tile is to make a string chalk line cross in the center of the room. The chalk line will break the area you are carpeting into four quadrants and you can follow the chalk line with your first row of tiles in each quadrant. Using this technique makes it easier to line up the seams or joints of the tile as you move outward towards any walls. It also is the best way to install any quarter turned (parquet style) carpet tiles that are installed to give a “basket weave” effect.

If you decide to go the easy way and start on one wall moving across the room remember no wall is perfectly straight and as you move further across the room the tile seams/joints will not line up. This can be all right and acceptable if the tile you have chosen is almost seamless or monolithic in visual appearance.

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