Carpet Tile Ideal For Rental Properties

Carpet Tile Perfect for Rental Property

More and more I receive calls from customers that own rental property that are looking for away to lower cost to fix up units to rent for the first time or in between tenants. Here is the question I get a lot. Do you think carpet tiles would be a good solution for me? It is not just a good solution, but it is a wonderful no-nonsense solution. The best part about carpet tile is it can be a cheaper cost than Broadloom (wall to wall carpet). It is a DIY job so you do not have to hire an installer and pay out a lot of cash for labor and materials. We know that contractors and installers most of the time mark up the material they use. With carpet tiles that money can stay in your pocket and that is a good feeling.

How easy are carpet tiles to replace? Well, say your tenants move out and as you inspect the place you notice that in the living area that there is a big grape juice stain on the floor (everyone’s worst nightmare). All you have to do is pull it up and put another one down in its place. That simple, thanks to the releasable adhesive. No need to replace the whole thing or stretch it again like with wall to wall carpet. That keeps money in your wallet for a longer period of time and that is what we all need. Carpet tiles are very durable and long lasting and have moisture and vapor barrier as well. This keeps your rental property safer from damage to the subfloor due to spilled liquids penetrating down to it. Less money you have to spend on floor repairs.

Over all carpet tile is perfect in most situations, like in the rental property business. They are cheap in price, easy to install, durable, long lasting, and a great DIY money saving project for most everybody including home owners, and small business owners. So if you are one of those people who like to save money and do it yourself then carpet tile is for you. Good luck and we will see you on the job.

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Home Theater Carpet Solutions

Home Theater CarpetA home theater system is an investment in entertainment, and to some it is an obsession. We spend billions on electronics each year in this country. Our big screen television sets, amplifiers, speakers, Blu-Ray players, subwoofers, and every other component of our theater system are chosen with the utmost thought and care. Some of us go as far as to tune our systems and measure our speaker placement. But even if you are an aficionado and have done everything imaginable you may be missing out on perfection.  “What’s left?” you may ask. What is missing is the perfect sound absorbing floor covering – home theater carpet. The best carpet for the home theater is carpet tile.

I know you’re thinking what carpet tile could have to do with your home theater system. Just imagine having your system set up inside a cathedral: a large open room with surfaces that don’t absorb a single sound wave. Can you imagine what the quality of the sound might be? Think of the amount of reverb that would be coming back at you. You wouldn’t even be able to understand the dialogue in a movie. Now think about what materials are in a cathedral: stone, wood, glass, brick, etc. Look around your living room and what do you see? More than likely you are seeing the same types of building materials. Unfortunately, most homes aren’t constructed with the home theater system in mind.

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How to Install Carpet Tiles

How to Install Carpet TilesCarpet tiles became a favorite of do-it-yourselfers once it became common knowledge that not only was carpet tile easy to install, but often times much more budget friendly than their traditional carpet counterpart. This article will attempt to break down the installation process in a few steps. Don’t worry, carpet tile is very forgiving. If you mess up, start over.  The installation is very simple. Not only is it easy, it also takes less time than other flooring systems.

  • The first thing you need to do is determine your pattern. You need to first decide what tile will be in the middle of the room. Once you have determined which tile will be the focal point the real work begins.
  • Measure the length of each wall and take half of this number to determine the middle of wall. Pencil in a mark in the center of each wall.
  • Next, measure one side of the tile and divide that in half to find the center of the tile. Line the center of the tile up with the center of the wall, and mark the wall on each end of the tile. Repeat this process on all of the walls. Continue reading
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Why Buy Carpet Tiles?

Why Buy Carpet Tile

Buying flooring for a room can be a costly endeavor no matter what the material. Not only do you have to buy the floor covering, but then comes the cost of labor, installation materials, and the more difficult the installation, the more you may end up paying. There are many surfaces to choose from for your specific room or project: wall to wall carpet, carpet tile, tile (hard surface), linoleum, the list goes on. But if you want to get the most bang for your buck, carpet tiles are probably the way to go. Carpet tiles are available, but not only will you pay less for the material, but the ease of installation and transportation will be helpful to your budget.

Whether you are someone who needs to floor a large facility or a single room, carpet tiles will be your most cost efficient solution. Carpet tiles can be purchased at deep discounts or even at wholesale, which can be beneficial for someone needing to floor a gym facility, an office, or a lobby. If you are looking for flooring for residential use don’t think you have to be confined to paying full price for the floor you want. Short lots are available at deep discounts and can be the best option for someone looking to carpet a living room, den, a bedroom, etc.

Large quantities of carpet tile can be very easily transported as opposed to large rolls of carpet. This lowers the cost of your floor even more. Enough carpet tiles could be transported in a single truck load to floor an entire house. The same cannot be said for full length rolls. Combine the ease of transportation with a set of cheap carpet tiles, your costs will fit within any budget, and that’s with the cost of installation.

What is the cost of carpet tiles? It is not uncommon to find carpet tiles for as little as sixty, fifty, even thirty cents a square foot. Compared with the average cost of standard carpeting you are saving twenty to fifty cents per square foot, plus your installation costs will be less. Just imagine the already low cost of carpet tile, and then what you could save on a liquidated lot. You could end up with the floor of your dreams at a fraction of the cost you would pay for standard carpet or other flooring products.

If you are looking for an affordable floor system, Focus Floor’s lines of discount carpet tiles are a great place to start. They are easy to transport and easy to install. Don’t think because you have a small budget you can’t buy a beautiful and practical floor. Take a look and see what carpet tiles offer for your flooring needs.


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Design Area Rugs Using Carpet Tiles

Area Rug Carpet TilesCarpet tiles have traditionally been used in spaces where the end use dictates the need for a durable, versatile floor covering. Today, various uses of carpet tiles include basements, family rooms, children’s bedrooms, bathrooms, mud/laundry rooms, schools, hospitals, day cares, boats, home and commercial office spaces, retail stores, and trade shows. Consumers have used them for RV’s garages and on floors and ceilings providing acoustical advantages in recording studios.

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Carpet Tile Installation Ideas from HGTV (video)

HGTV presents a basic video on installing carpet tile. This video highlights one of the main benefits of using carpet tile in a high traffic area, to perserve your hard service flooring such as hardwood. This video is part of “Don’t Sweat It” show hosted by Steve Watson

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The Perfect Home Theater Carpet and Man Cave Flooring

With all the great innovation in home electronics and systems integration, the popularity of home theater, media rooms, and man caves has become main stream. Selecting the electronic components and the comfort components both have to serve multiple purposes. The electronics have to perform yet be visually appealing or hidden away. The comfort components such as carpet have to be visually appealing and functional for sound absorption. Carpet tile is a flooring product that meets these two basic requirements for home theater and man caves. Carpet tiles are available in many colors and patterns specifically for the home. These affordable, hard wearing carpet tiles are extremely resilient, easy to clean, and offers spectacular acoustical advantages.

Installing electronics for your home theater or man cave will probably require a professional installation team. Carpet tile, on the other hand, is an easy do-it-yourself project that will help you budget more for the thrilling aspects of the home theater while still providing maximum aesthetic and acoustical value.

For more information on using carpet tile as a floor covering for home theaters and man caves, please contact Focus Floors.

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Focus on Carpet Tile Official Launch

Focus Floors of Chattanooga, TN is pleased to announce the official launch of their new blog, Focus on Carpet Tiles. This new blog is intended to help carpet tile buyers understand the product, its installation, application and care. Focus Floors has been operating for over 30 years in various aspects of the flooring industry. The Focus on Carpet Tiles blog is an extension of that experience to consumers in a manner that will help them better understand modular carpet and related flooring products.

“We believe that carpet tile is a superior floor covering product for many applications such as home offices, basements, home theater, playrooms, and child bedrooms. Modern carpet tile certainly works as a fashion statement in the most formal settings. Really, most any floor where durability, ease of installation and the accent of aesthetic diversity is desired will benefit from carpet tile. We, at Focus Floors, have taken on the task of helping consumers understand these modular flooring products and their attributes. We’ll also explain, installation techniques, design and aesthetic principles and anything else we believe will benefit our customer. We believe that this can be a valuable resource.”

The Focus on Carpet Tiles blog is up and running now and ready to serve flooring consumers. The archive of beneficial information is growing and will continue to grow. Users are invited to submit their questions to the experts at Focus Floors. These questions will be answered in a timely manner and hopefully can benefit others as they come to the blog looking for answers to their questions.

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Sustainable Flooring: Carpet Tile

You might not think that you should be concerned if one floor covering or another is the best choice for the future of our environment and the planet you live on. But there is one choice for sustainable flooring that stands out head and shoulders above all others. And that is carpet tile. Here are the real reasons that carpet tile wins out when it comes to selecting a flooring product that is truly green and can be recycled.

The backing system of carpet tiles is what gives them their durability and almost indestructible performance. Their backing is moisture proof not allowing water and any negative, ie: germs, bacteria etc. to penetrate and lodge itself in the back where it is not only detrimental to the inhabitants using it but it would cause gradual degradation of the product.

Durability of the backing of carpet tile enables the product to be pulled up and used again in a different location. Many of the tiles do not even need to be cleaned because their original use had been under furnishings that kept them from being trafficked.

Those tiles that have obvious use can be processed through a professional cleaning/sanitizing machine like the “Clean Green Machine” at Certified Recycling in Chattanooga TN and then re used.

Carpet tiles that have been used to the extent that they are not reusable have another “after life”. They can be run through Certified Recycling Conlux equipment that grinds the entire tile up and reformulates it as a pellet that can be used again for future backing or enumerable extruded plastic parts or products for new usage.

A safe investment in your future and our planet is to use a sustainable flooring product like carpet tile that can be reused and recycled to conserve and protect our resources and decrease our impact on the environment.

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Carpet Tile Design Flexibility

For home owners that appreciate the ability to decorate their home based on using products in multiple ways such as installation application and design flexibility, carpet tiles are  a good choice. Carpet tile buyers use their own imagination to create various patterns and colors. Some patterns lend themselves to even more creativity by their ability to be quarter turned (most tiles have directional arrows on the back) creating greater depth through this planned shade variation.

Installation application flexibility comes with carpet tile’s unique ability to be used over most smooth hard surfaces including particle board, hardwood, concrete, laminate or vinyl flooring and ceramic tile. They have a skid resistant durable and pliable back so no padding is required. All that is needed for a do-it-yourself project is a chalk line, straight edge, sharp utility knife and either double-sided tape or pressure sensitive adhesive which can be applied to the backing with a small brush.

For more information see Focus Floors online store>>


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