Why Buy Carpet Tiles?

Why Buy Carpet Tile

Buying flooring for a room can be a costly endeavor no matter what the material. Not only do you have to buy the floor covering, but then comes the cost of labor, installation materials, and the more difficult the installation, the more you may end up paying. There are many surfaces to choose from for your specific room or project: wall to wall carpet, carpet tile, tile (hard surface), linoleum, the list goes on. But if you want to get the most bang for your buck, carpet tiles are probably the way to go. Carpet tiles are available, but not only will you pay less for the material, but the ease of installation and transportation will be helpful to your budget.

Whether you are someone who needs to floor a large facility or a single room, carpet tiles will be your most cost efficient solution. Carpet tiles can be purchased at deep discounts or even at wholesale, which can be beneficial for someone needing to floor a gym facility, an office, or a lobby. If you are looking for flooring for residential use don’t think you have to be confined to paying full price for the floor you want. Short lots are available at deep discounts and can be the best option for someone looking to carpet a living room, den, a bedroom, etc.

Large quantities of carpet tile can be very easily transported as opposed to large rolls of carpet. This lowers the cost of your floor even more. Enough carpet tiles could be transported in a single truck load to floor an entire house. The same cannot be said for full length rolls. Combine the ease of transportation with a set of cheap carpet tiles, your costs will fit within any budget, and that’s with the cost of installation.

What is the cost of carpet tiles? It is not uncommon to find carpet tiles for as little as sixty, fifty, even thirty cents a square foot. Compared with the average cost of standard carpeting you are saving twenty to fifty cents per square foot, plus your installation costs will be less. Just imagine the already low cost of carpet tile, and then what you could save on a liquidated lot. You could end up with the floor of your dreams at a fraction of the cost you would pay for standard carpet or other flooring products.

If you are looking for an affordable floor system, Focus Floor’s lines of discount carpet tiles are a great place to start. They are easy to transport and easy to install. Don’t think because you have a small budget you can’t buy a beautiful and practical floor. Take a look and see what carpet tiles offer for your flooring needs.


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