Top 11 Reasons to Buy Carpet Tile

11 Reasons to Buy Carpet Tile

There are still a lot of misconceptions about carpet tiles out there. The primary misconception is that carpet tiles are only good for commercial buildings. It’s just not true. Carpet tiles are good for most any installation. And if you are the creative type, you’ll find a lot of versatility with colors and patterns for unique designs.

If you are thinking about using carpet tiles for your next flooring project, consider this list of reasons to buy carpet tiles over other flooring products.

11 Carpet tiles are a true “do-it-yourself” product. They can be rotated or changed and picked up to clean and then put back in place.

10 If you are noticing a wear pattern developing, all you have to do is rotate the tiles to different parts of the room and they virtually eliminate signs of traffic.

9 The tiles are very well constructed to withstand heavy traffic. Their backing also serves as an attached pad; therefore,  you don’t need to worry about having a separate pad.

8 You won’t ever have to worry about wrinkles developing in your carpet, as it does in regular broadloom carpet.

7 Carpet tiles give you an insulated floor with built in acoustical noise reduction.

6 If you are covering hard surface floors with carpet tiles or an area rug made of carpet tiles, the surface of the tiles will catch airborne particles where they will be filtered for your vacuum cleaner to pick up instead of having them breathed in every time air moves dust etc. into breathable air.

5 The backing is moisture proof. Spills will not permeate into the backing. Therefore, spills and stains can be removed simply by picking up the tile and washing it in a sink or tub. You can even pressure wash your tiles there that durable.

4 If your room already has furniture in it, you don’t have to remove it totally from the room to install your carpet tiles.

3 You may create and change the design of your floor by quarter turning the tile to create a basket weave effect.

2 With FOCUSfloors & Furnishings discounts, our prices enable you to carpet your floors for considerably less than with other options.

1 You do not have to send carpet tiles to the landfill. The material used to manufacture carpet tiles are 100% recycleable.

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  1. I love carpet tile, it makes installing carpet into areas so easy. These are some great reasons why you should use carpet tiles.

  2. Great article. Thanks for your valuable tips. Eco-friendly Carpet tiles are a great way to make your home green.

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