Sustainable Flooring: Carpet Tile

You might not think that you should be concerned if one floor covering or another is the best choice for the future of our environment and the planet you live on. But there is one choice for sustainable flooring that stands out head and shoulders above all others. And that is carpet tile. Here are the real reasons that carpet tile wins out when it comes to selecting a flooring product that is truly green and can be recycled.

The backing system of carpet tiles is what gives them their durability and almost indestructible performance. Their backing is moisture proof not allowing water and any negative, ie: germs, bacteria etc. to penetrate and lodge itself in the back where it is not only detrimental to the inhabitants using it but it would cause gradual degradation of the product.

Durability of the backing of carpet tile enables the product to be pulled up and used again in a different location. Many of the tiles do not even need to be cleaned because their original use had been under furnishings that kept them from being trafficked.

Those tiles that have obvious use can be processed through a professional cleaning/sanitizing machine like the “Clean Green Machine” at Certified Recycling in Chattanooga TN and then re used.

Carpet tiles that have been used to the extent that they are not reusable have another “after life”. They can be run through Certified Recycling Conlux equipment that grinds the entire tile up and reformulates it as a pellet that can be used again for future backing or enumerable extruded plastic parts or products for new usage.

A safe investment in your future and our planet is to use a sustainable flooring product like carpet tile that can be reused and recycled to conserve and protect our resources and decrease our impact on the environment.

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