Shaw LokDots

        LokDots! What are they and how do you use them? LokDots are the next best thing in adhesive for carpet tile. They are a pressure sensitive adhesive for the installation of Shaw EcoWorx carpet tiles. They are an odorless system  that provides an alternative to wet adhesive, virtually eliminating the issue of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and providing ease and versatility of installation.

         The LokDots system allows you to install your project fast and with less hassle. It uses a one click gun system that allows you to put 22 dots on per tile at a fast rate. It is very easy to work and makes a great DIY tool without breaking your wallet on hiring a installer and that is a wonderful thing for anyone.

         LokDots are sold by the sleeve. With one sleeve you can lay up to 250 yds (2250 sqft). The LokDots applicator holds one roll at a time. You can choose not to use the applicator,but if you do so it will take you double the amount of time to install. The applicator and dots are sold separate and both can be shipped with Fedex ground or UPS. The LokDots are a great product. I have used them myself and found it to be a time saving product as well. 

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