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Installing Carpet Tiles

Carpet tile squares are a popular flooring product without question. The interesting thing is that almost everyone has a different purpose or installation type with carpet tiles in mind.

Some buy carpet tiles because of the color selection and decor options that standard carpet can’t approach. Some install carpet tiles in specific rooms such as kids rooms, basements, etc. because of durability and decor options. Some install carpet tiles because they are easy to replace and maintain, such as rental property. Some even install carpet tiles because of their physical properties as a sound deadening flooring option in home theaters and studios.

By and large, the biggest reason people install carpet tiles is the savings. It’s no secret that if you don’t have to bring in a professional installer you save money. It’s also no big secret that carpet tile tends to be less expensive by the square foot than other types of flooring such a roll goods carpet and hard surfaces like wood.

Whatever your reason for buying and installing carpet tile squares, we thought it would be an interesting exercise in entertainment to share with you some of the most popular searches on


carpet tiles for rental property
carpet tiles for kids
kitchen carpet tiles
carpet tiles for kids rooms
basement carpet tiles
carpet tiles for basement

Of course it’s always fun to see the colors people are looking for. Popular colors can change with the season and the fashion trend, but black is always popular.

black carpet tiles
green carpet tiles
orange carpet tiles
pink carpet tiles
purple carpet tiles

People are always looking for name brand carpet tiles based on what they see in their local flooring store or big box store. Focus Floors has a wide selection of these top brands.

Shaw Carpet Tiles
Mohawk Carpet Tiles
Milliken Carpet Tiles
Flor/Interface Carpet tiles

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