How to Install Carpet Tiles

How to Install Carpet TilesCarpet tiles became a favorite of do-it-yourselfers once it became common knowledge that not only was carpet tile easy to install, but often times much more budget friendly than their traditional carpet counterpart. This article will attempt to break down the installation process in a few steps. Don’t worry, carpet tile is very forgiving. If you mess up, start over.  The installation is very simple. Not only is it easy, it also takes less time than other flooring systems.

  • The first thing you need to do is determine your pattern. You need to first decide what tile will be in the middle of the room. Once you have determined which tile will be the focal point the real work begins.
  • Measure the length of each wall and take half of this number to determine the middle of wall. Pencil in a mark in the center of each wall.
  • Next, measure one side of the tile and divide that in half to find the center of the tile. Line the center of the tile up with the center of the wall, and mark the wall on each end of the tile. Repeat this process on all of the walls.
  • After you have completed all of your marks, line up a chalk line from one tile marker to the one directly across the room. Snap a chalk line for each. This will create a crosshair in which to place your center tile.
  • From here all you need to do is line up tiles from the center toward the outside edges of the room. Do not remove the adhesive backing just yet. You can experiment with different color patterns at this point for as long as it takes to find the one that best fits the room. Once you have determined the pattern, installing carpet tiles is as easy as removing the adhesive backing and smoothing out the tiles. All that is left is to trim the squares against the wall.
  • For this last step in carpet tile installation you need a razor and a straight edge (a ruler or carpenter’s square if handy). Turn the carpet tile over and line up the edge with the wall. Make a mark on the back of the tile where it overlaps the next to last row of tiles. Use the straight edge and razor to cut the tile at this line. Check the fit of the tile in the space, and determine if it fits. Once you get a good fit, remove the adhesive strip and smooth out the remaining tile.
  • There you have it, the least difficult and least time consuming carpet installation ever.

If you are looking for a cost effective flooring system, there isn’t anything that will beat carpet tiles. You don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money on the tiles and you definitely don’t have to spend the money on professional installation. It’s an easy and efficient means to floor any room in your house, and takes less than half a day to do. So if time and money are important to you, but you have a room that needs a floor, just install your own carpet tiles. Have a look at some examples of how carpet tiles can be installed in our Carpet Tile Installation Gallery.

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4 Responses to How to Install Carpet Tiles

  1. Jenny says:

    What does it mean by “refurbished” carpet tiles?
    And do u need to use glue for installation?

    • roderick says:

      Refurbished means that the tiles have been laid down for a short period of time such as in a portable office building. Then they are removed and shorted out and cleaned to be resold at a cheaper price. You will need glue (releasable adhesive) to put them back down.

      Thank you

  2. Debbie Jones says:

    I have old indoor-outdoor carpet on my lakehouse floor. It is in good shape, just old and stained.
    it is still solidly glued to the floor with no torn areas. Is it possible to put the carpet tiles on top of the existing? Fear it will be a real chore to take up the old.

    • john says:

      Hello Debbie,
      We do not reconmend putting carpet tile over anything but wood floors,Concrete floors or vinly floors as well. It can be a task to take up old carpet but sometimes you can get a break with it. Thank you for your question and have a wonderful day.

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