How to Design a Great Living Room

Design a Great Living RoomIt’s the room that you and your family likely spend the most time in. So with that being noted, it’s important that your living room is a warm, inviting place for you and your family so you actually want to spend time in it. There’s a variety of ways that you can spruce up your living room, whether it be redoing the flooring or giving it a fresh paint job. But to design a truly great living room, there are more tips and techniques to keep in mind.

Give it purpose: One way to design a living room is doing so around a particular theme. For instance, if you and your family travel often, you might want to give it a Paris or European-like theme, which includes pictures of notable attractions, collectibles and other memorabilia. Or you could choose to model your living room around family and hang pictures of cherished family members and friends. Check out themes other homeowners have created for their living room on social and hobby sites like Pinterest. Choosing a theme, while not essential to a living room, can be a great starting point to giving it that makeover you so desire.

Furniture: One thing that can make or break a living room is furniture. If the furniture doesn’t fit in with the carpeting or the paint job of your living room, the ambiance and warmth of your room can take a major hit. You want your living room to be a warm and inviting place, so dark-colored furniture usually looks out of place in such a room. When you’re redesigning your living room, make sure your furniture compliments your flooring and paint job. Also take note of where you want your furniture laid out.

Lighting: You want your living room to be inviting, which is why lighting – both natural and artificial – is so important. Consider installing a large window that allows you to let in a lot of natural light during the day. If you already have a window that accomplishes this, make sure that your blinds permit it to do so. Your living room shouldn’t be a dark and scary place, but a place that welcomes people, both guests and household members alike. Be sure to keep table lamps in your living room for after dark as well. This can create a calm, relaxing feeling as you’re winding down for the night.

Flooring: The right type of flooring can give a living room a sense of beauty and warmth. While many prefer carpeting in this area, one trend that is gaining notoriety is that of wood flooring. It’s easy to clean, easy to maintain and looks very sharp, especially when complimented with the right paint job and furniture layout.

Paint: Perhaps the most inexpensive means of designing a great living room is making sure it has a good, appropriate paint job. Make sure the paint compliments the carpeting and the flooring, so no aspect looks out of place. And one way to brighten up your living room is to put a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling. Yes, you don’t want to forget about the ceiling – especially if it is painted white – as a fresh coat every now and then can do wonders for a room’s image.

Amy Nelson is a mother, avid home decorator and author. Mrs. Nelson has written several informative publications on family life, interior decorating, and simple home improvement tips.

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