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Home Theater CarpetA home theater system is an investment in entertainment, and to some it is an obsession. We spend billions on electronics each year in this country. Our big screen television sets, amplifiers, speakers, Blu-Ray players, subwoofers, and every other component of our theater system are chosen with the utmost thought and care. Some of us go as far as to tune our systems and measure our speaker placement. But even if you are an aficionado and have done everything imaginable you may be missing out on perfection.  “What’s left?” you may ask. What is missing is the perfect sound absorbing floor covering – home theater carpet. The best carpet for the home theater is carpet tile.

I know you’re thinking what carpet tile could have to do with your home theater system. Just imagine having your system set up inside a cathedral: a large open room with surfaces that don’t absorb a single sound wave. Can you imagine what the quality of the sound might be? Think of the amount of reverb that would be coming back at you. You wouldn’t even be able to understand the dialogue in a movie. Now think about what materials are in a cathedral: stone, wood, glass, brick, etc. Look around your living room and what do you see? More than likely you are seeing the same types of building materials. Unfortunately, most homes aren’t constructed with the home theater system in mind.

Now you are wondering how you can use carpet tiles to your benefit. Carpet tiles are the perfect thing to provide acoustic flooring in your home theater. The sounds coming from your theater system will be absorbed, and this will diminish any potential reverb or echo that bounces from the floor to your ears. This is especially beneficial for front speakers

Residential carpet tiles are very affordable and easy to install. If you have an unfinished basement, they are a cheap and easy way to provide a floor with the best acoustic properties. Your basement may be the best option for a home theater. Imagine a room in the house perfectly tuned for your theater system, and carpet tiles are the perfect sound insulation. You could crank up Lord of the Rings or AC/DC as loud as you want. You could even completely soundproof a room by tiling the walls. This may be especially helpful if you have neighbors close by, or if you keep different hours than the other people in your house.

Additionally, If you are a musician, carpet tiles would be the perfect sound insulation for a practice space or studio. Recording equipment, especially top of the line microphones, are very sensitive to natural reverb. Carpet tiles are the perfect solution to provide a better acoustic environment. And they will keep sound from escaping into adjacent rooms. You could play the drums and not wake the baby.

So whether you are a home theater buff, a musician, or just someone looking to maximize the acoustic efficiency of their personal space, carpet tiles are the answer. Search the Focus Floors website for different styles and colors of carpet tiles and see what you can come up with. They just might be the perfect answer for your flooring and acoustic needs.

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