Focus Floors Green Initiative

Focus Floors has been working to develop new products that use only renewable (recycled) materials. Both commercial and residential products are developed to offer environmental sustainability while not compromising aesthetics or performance. There is a fine line in using recyclable raw materials. First, the cost: There is a cost to remove a product that’s selected for recycling. This is the removal from an existing floor. Then there is the freight cost to bring the product back into Chattanooga, TN where Focus Floors uses Certified Recycling to recycle their products. This is where the product begins its refining process of breaking down the old products content. This process varies depending on the original products make-up but all recycling has direct costs involved. the equipment that reformulates a used carpet tile into pellets that can be re-used  obviously requires energy to run.

Once, you have recycled content to go back into new products you are only able to reintroduce 20-30% recycled content with 70-80% new raw materials. This is the main reason for expanding the number of new products that can use a percentage of recycled content. Besides a wider range of products there has become a need to develop lighter weight products that still have the same wear or performance capability as a older version that was heavier because it used more raw materials. This process is working and thanks to improved product development less is proving it can be best. Processes that offer the consumer lighter but stronger features are a key to maximizing the use of recycled content.

Focus Floors is constantly looking at ways to reduce their impact on the land air and water.

Recycled carpet tiles are available at the Focus Floors online store >>

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3 Responses to Focus Floors Green Initiative

  1. Alexis says:

    It’s a good news for it practice healthy green living. As we all know, there’s a lot of things on the trash, that could be recycled. That’s why, we should always have in mind, that everything can be used again. Let’s help save our mother, Earth.!

    🙂 Alexis.

  2. It’s really a good idea that we recycle things with purpose. It is indeed a good view in life that we teach our children with these useful ways of living. It’s another way of cleaning our mother nature and decomposing properly.

  3. I think it’s great that a company like yourselves is trying to become more green. You are proof that we can have things that look good and are good for the environment too.

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