Equipment Used for Floor Cleaning

scrubber on carpetDirt and grime from the streets tend to collect on our feet and get tracked into our houses and offices dozens of times each day. The little spills, dumps, and heel marks of everyday living gather on the floor with startling speed. And unless the floors undergo regular cleaning, the surface is likely to ruin after a period of time. Here are a few equipments professional floor cleaners use for floor maintenance.

Floor scrubbers:

An automatic floor scrubber, also called auto scrubber, is a type of cleaning machine that is used to get rid of dust, light debris, grease, floor marks or oil on the floor. These machines have cylindrical or rotary scrubbing heads and a provision for spitting put cleaning solution and then vacuuming it. Hence, in just one pass, the floor scrubbing experts can dispense stripping or cleaning agent, scrub it onto the floor and then vacuum it with a scrubber attached at the back of the equipment. These scrubbers also have a separate collection tank and dispensing tank to keep the clean water from dirty water.

Floor Buffer:

A floor buffer is essentially an electrical appliance that is used to maintain and clean surfaces. It is also called a burnisher or a floor polisher.

Similar to a large vacuum cleaner that operates on handlebar controls and requires two-handed steering, a floor buffer or floor machine uses variable-speed rotary brushes to remove dirt and grime from the surfaces. They comprise of a round, large scrubbing pad that spins in circle in a single direction that is powered by a small motor, normally right above the center of the pad.

Bigger floor buffers are utilized to sweep hospitals, schools, offices and buildings. They have wheels and have the power to easily clean and move items stuck on floors. These types can also be found for home-use and are normally sold as hard floor cleaners.

Operating floor scrubbers, buffers or other such heavy machinery is not child’s play, hence its best to leave this job to the experts. Hiring a professional floor cleaning company ensures that the surfaces are cleaned properly without any damage. One of the prominent names is the cleaning industry is that of T.C.S. Floor Care Inc. The company offers all sorts of services pertaining to industrial floor care and maintenance.

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