Top 10 Reasons to Buy Carpet Tile

With any products there are pros and cons. This list is intended to provide you with some basic reasons why carpet tile is superior to other flooring options such as hardwood or roll carpet in certain applications.

  1. Carpet tile is a more comfort oriented flooring product, much like roll carpet. It provides a warmer feel and insulates better than hard surface such as hardwood.
  2. Carpet tile is acoustically superior to hardwood and roll carpet for home theater and studio installation because of its dense face construction and backing system.
  3. The condensed vinyl backing system of carpet tile is superior to all other carpet backing systems. It is moisture resistant and does not allow bacteria or spills to penetrate the tile. It is totally bonded to the back of the carpet so it cannot be detached by either foot or rolled traffic. This backing system prevents the edges or seams from raveling.
  4. Unlike rolled goods, carpet tiles are easily shipped, stored, and moved around.
  5. Strong do-it-yourself appeal. Carpet tiles can easily be installed by non-expert installers with minimal effort.
  6. Furniture does not have to be moved out for the installation of carpet tile. Workstations, files, pianos and pool tables, can be jacked up or slid as the tile is being installed.
  7. Tiles can be easily replaced  when they become damaged, soiled or worn. You can also rotate worn or soiled tiles to a less obvious spot within the room to extend the life of your carpet tiles. Soiled carpet tiles can be cleaned either by the owner or by a professional then placed back on the floor.
  8. Most carpet manufacturers recommend chair pads under furniture with casters such as chairs. Carpet tile performs best without them and can be replaced after excessive use.
  9. Carpet tiles allow for creativity with how the tiles are placed on the floor.  Tiles can be quarter-turned to create a pattern. You can make a border with a different color pattern. You can rearrange the tiles to give a new feel to the room.
  10. Carpet tiles are “green” and eco-friendly. Every part of the carpet tile  can be ground up and recycled.
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2 Responses to Top 10 Reasons to Buy Carpet Tile

  1. Donnie Lee says:

    This information was helpful to me. I believe I will use carpet tiles as an area rug underneath my dining room table.

  2. Davis says:

    is carpet tile different then normal carpet?
    i mean the normal carpet stinks when it gets wet, will we have the same problem here?
    i prefers tiles but they of course gets pretty cold, that is good feature of carpet tile and the roll part

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