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A little About Focusfloors

FOCUSflooring & Furnishings, Inc. was formed in 1977 to manufacture and market commercial grade carpet. In the years since, we have continued to produce and sell top quality floor covering for delivery to thousands of satisfied customers. In the past two … Continue reading

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Flooring (Carpet Tile) Is the Main Ingredient

Selecting the right flooring(Carpet Tiles) for any project not only adds to its look, but the experience and overall feel.Carpet tile is a versatile element that can play many different roles within a project. They can define spaces within a … Continue reading

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Carpet Tile Ideal For Rental Properties

More and more I receive calls from customers that own rental property that are looking for away to lower cost to fix up units to rent for the first time or in between tenants. Here is the question I get … Continue reading

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